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Man's Best New Releases PACK!

  • Big Dicks
  • Bareback
  • 2DVD Box

2 BIG titles for one small price! Available only while stock lasts. See individual products for full description.

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Camping Boys Go Raw! DVD Running time: 101 mins

Is there anything hotter than fresh, untouched flesh? Certainly this gang of horned-up fuckers doesn’t seem to think so, that’s for sure; as some of the sweetest, cutest beauties get put to the sexual sword for your entertainment! What’s more, all that fresh-air only seems to get these guys even hornier for hard, uncut cock and lashings of sticky white goo. As a result, it’s no time at all before some of the tightest bubble-butts on the scene are accommodating some of the hardest weapons around – all totally raw, just as nature intended!

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Bareback Friends DVD Running time: 94 mins

They’re small town mates with big ideas – all of which centre on hard cock and oodles of hot jizz. Fortunately for these horny bastards there’s no shortage of either of those commodities in this tight-knitted community; as the lads go wild for each other at every opportunity. Whether they’re going for a ride in one of their buddy’s cars, having a quiet wank in the woods, or just making out with their mates at home, these boys aren’t satisfied until every last fucking drop of pent-up spunk has been drained from their balls!

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Running time:
195 mins

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