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Brit Dads Brit Twinks DVD (NC)

  • Fetish & SM
  • Condom

Damion Harrison (actor), Sean Oliver (actor), Jonny Ryder (actor), Paul Stag (actor), Danny Rivers (actor), Jamie Smythe (actor), Alexander Summers (actor), Joey Hill (actor), Carl Ross (actor), Evan Zero (actor) , Brit Dads Brit Twinks (studio)

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They’re old enough to be their fathers, but that doesn’t stop these horny middle-aged guys from lusting after their cute twink charges. Indeed, these burly dads aren’t satisfied until their beefy fat cocks are stretching the mega-tight virgin asses on these willing young lads for all they’re worth! Breaking in the stars of tomorrow has never felt quite so good or looked so dirty and hot!

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Damion Harrison, Sean Oliver, Jonny Ryder, Paul Stag, Danny Rivers, Jamie Smythe, Alexander Summers, Joey Hill, Carl Ross, Evan Zero
Michael Burling
Brit Dads Brit Twinks
Running time:
145 mins

More About This Product

Sc.1: Horny “Daddy” Gets His Ass Fucked By Some Hard, Fresh, Young Cock! There’s over 22 years between “daddy” Sean Oliver and young Damion Harrison, but if anything that just adds to the kink of this encounter. Harrison is everything you’d expect from a boy his age – lean and gangly, with a mop of dark hair and a cock that never finds true satisfaction. His companion, in contrast, is not your usual forty-something; with a body that’s still in mighty handsome condition and a fabulously decorative tattoo that twines itself around his torso. Nor is this opening session your usual “young guy gets fucked by older man” routine. Instead, it’s Oliver who’s gagging for the feel of hard cock in his pucker, as Harrison takes full advantage of the opportunity to thrust that gorgeous uncut knob of his deep inside. Needless to say it’s not long before this sordid little coupling has been transformed into a sticky display of sweat and cum; with Oliver left looking, quite literally, like the cat that got the cream!

Sc.2: Three Decades Mean Nothing When An Old Bastard Gets Chance To Fuck Twink Ass! Nigh on 30 years separate these two fellows, which means that “granddad” Paul Stag had probably been pulling guys for a decade or more before young Jonny Ryder had even been thought of, but that doesn’t stop the fellow from acting like a horny, rebellious teenager when he finds Ryder sleeping in his bed. Before you know it, he’s thrust his aging (but still rigid) dick into the youngster’s face, forcing Ryder to slurp on cock like he would on a popsicle! By the time Stag’s returning the gesture, feasting on Ryder’s fresh ramrod with a degree of enthusiasm usually reserved to guys half his age, it’s clear that this is one old man who won’t be content until he’s thrusting balls-deep in Ryder’s ass! An ambition that he very quickly fulfils – stretching the pup’s tight button, before dumping a decent spray of jizz (for a guy his age). Last words go to Ryder, however, whose multi-squirt money-shot is testimony to the vigour of youth!

Sc.3: Cropped-Haired “Daddy” Savours The Chance To Ride A Hot, Fresh Filly! He may be over 23 years older than his companion, Jamie Smythe, but there’s no denying the fact that cropped-haired hunk, Danny Rivers, still has oodles of sex-appeal. Which may help explain why Smythe takes so easily to his advances in this scene – that and the fact that we were paying him lots of money to do so! That aside, however, Rivers clearly has still got what it takes when it comes to handling a cute fresh filly – a flash of teeth from this furry-chested daddy and the emergence of his veiny, pierced cock is more than enough to have Smythe acting like a complete whore for his older companion. Indeed, it’s no time at all before the young fellow is striding over Rivers’s shaft like a lonesome cowboy, bouncing up and down on that ageing dick as if his college results depended on it! The contrast between these two camera-sluts couldn’t be greater than when they jerk off at the end, but the jizz flows from both parties with equal gusto!

Sc.4: Pervy Old Sod Proves That Even “Granddads” Have Got What It Takes To Screw Twink Butt! Joey Hill was almost 40 before Alexander Summers even popped out into the world, never mind appeared in porn, but that doesn’t stop this old soldier from making the very most of this unlikely encounter. In fairness, Hill probably couldn’t quite believe his luck when teamed up with the cute, lithe Summers – after all, what “granddad” would ever be expected to be given the chance to suck and fuck the life out of a boy who’s a third his age? – but in terms of kink alone this is a must-see escapade. To his utter credit, Hill proves with unquestionable relish that there’s life in the old dog yet; though predictably it’s the blue-eyed youngster who gives the greatest energy to the scene, and who ultimately provides the most memorable money-shot, as he squirts the contents of his young balls over Hill’s wrinkled face. In short, a definite winner for those who like their action to be less youthful vanilla, more vintage perversion!

Sc.5: Fresh-Faced Cutie Gets His Virgin Ass Stretched By 7 Inches Of Mature Dick! Less than 13 years divide bald-headed “daddy” Carl Ross and his youthful protégé, Evan Zero, but that’s a long time in terms of technology – why, Ross doesn’t even seem to know what a PSP is when he encounters the youngster playing on his handheld game at the start of the scene! The older guy would obviously rather be playing on a hard joystick – which given the fact that Zero is more than adequately armed in the cock department is quite understandable. Suffice it to say it isn’t long before Ross has had his way, encouraging his younger companion into a mindless tussle of ass-rimming, knob-sucking and (ultimately) ball-banging fornication! Zero, who could still pass off in a school uniform, soon discovers that life in the adult world can be a painful experience, as his ass-hole gets stretched to the max by his guardian’s aching, uncut ramrod. A cock that ultimately delivers one of the shots of the season – proving, without question, that even an old cannon can often deliver the killer blow!

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