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Twelve Fucks And No Funeral DVD

  • Big Dicks
  • Condom

JP Dubois (actor), Sam Colt (actor), Harley Everett (actor), David Ken (actor), Ken Ten (actor), Woody Fox (actor), Antonio Garcia (actor), Matt Brookes (actor), Michel Rudin (actor), Valentin Alsinaadam Dacre (actor), Adam Herst (actor), Caleb Ramble (actor), Riley Tess (actor) , UK Naked Men (studio)

Upon the apparent death of sex-star Jp Dubois, the funeral home is filled with a host of stunning co-stars, pall bearers and mourners, but who knew grieving could be so arousing especially with the prescence of Jp's favourite fuck buddy – the mysterious American - Adam Herst. When the handsome, hung pall-bearers become trapped in the morgue all horny hell breaks loose, with the mourners stripping off and lining up to take it in turns to multi fuck lucky Adam, Its Europe versus the U.S. And Uncut versus Cut in a mass free for all of stiff dicks and the total wrecking of Adam's horny, ruined hole. Even the morgue attendants join in, mega hung - Woody Fox and Ken Ten. Poor Adam is left in pieces but back at 'the slab', Riley Tess is bending over backwards for Matt Brookes in with own peculiar brand of horny, sweaty grief. Luckily when everyones leaves the coffin is knocked over by the exhausted, retreating mourners and JP is revived by the funeral director Samuel Colt, for a climactic 'back-from-the-dead' bang.

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JP Dubois, Sam Colt, Harley Everett, David Ken, Ken Ten, Woody Fox, Antonio Garcia, Matt Brookes, Michel Rudin, Valentin Alsinaadam Dacre, Adam Herst, Caleb Ramble, Riley Tess
UK Naked Men
Running time:
105 mins