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He Shoulda Said No! DVD

  • Big Dicks
  • Bareback

Brent Taylor (actor), Saxon West (actor), Christopher Daniels (actor), Sergi Rodriguez (actor), Jonny Kingdom (actor), Nathan Hope (actor), Alexx Desley (actor), Theo Ford (actor), Letterio (actor), Max Toro (actor), Craig Daniel (actor) , UK Naked Men (studio)

These over sexed bareback fuckers make no attempt to resist temptation, stiff, uncut cocks and bareback loads. Craig Daniel is in Spain with a hunky masseur, and his English sensibilities are getting frayed by the wandering hands...tongue and big, big cock. Its Max Torro 'the-boy-with-the-kilo-of-cock' and English or not, there's no way Craig can resist this!

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Brent Taylor, Saxon West, Christopher Daniels, Sergi Rodriguez, Jonny Kingdom, Nathan Hope, Alexx Desley, Theo Ford, Letterio, Max Toro, Craig Daniel
UK Naked Men
Running time:
110 mins

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Jonny Kingdom is the hard up escort who lets his condom rules slip for extra money, Nathan Hope is his studly punter who fucks his juicy raw hole to a splattering climax. Brent Taylor is the handsome new boy in the office, when his new workmates Saxon West and Alexx Desley offer to take him out for the evening he doesn't know he's going to be used as a cum-dump-sextoy. These boys stuff every orifice with raw dick and spunk there loads all over their hapless colleague. Letterio is in the dungeon with his sub-slut Theo, its dark and dangerous stuff as Theo's hole takes a right royal pummelling. Then Sergi is on the receiving end of a sleazy pick up by fiery red-head Christopher Daniels, with a kinky foot-fetish twist thrown in for good measure. Sergi gets his hole raw-rodded, his toes licked and his throat fucked with a steamy spunk climax. They know they shoulda said 'no' but these cum leaking, spunky bottomed boys just couldn't resist!