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Cum 'n Spank Me! DVD

  • Fetish & SM

Kyle Deetz (actor), Tomy Kutil (actor), PJ Jones (actor), Corbin Mason (actor), Jerry Malone (actor), Sonny Quick (actor), Alex Page (actor), Fabio Bertolli (actor), Macauley Simon (actor) , Saggerz Skaterz (studio)

In this installment, we bring you 9 of Europe's finest twinks in five scenes of spanking good fun and sex! Jerry Malone and Sonny Quick are sure to thrill with their boy-next-door good looks and sexy bodies! Jerry comes back to his apartment only to find Sonny has taken his last cigarette. Jerry shows him who's boss and spanks Sonny's ass red. Then Sonny gets his retribution and turns the tables on Jerry, not only spanking him, but then shoving his thick cock down Jerry's Throat. After some hardcore sucking, Sonny blows his load all over Jerry's ass! Kyle Deetz finds his buddy Corbin Mason spying on him while he's looking at porn on the computer. That's a spankable offense! And Kyle lets him have it...his dick that is! He face fucks Corbin as he spanks him at the same time, finishing off by spraying his load all over Corbin's tight butt! Enjoy 3 more scenes including Tomy Kutil and Fabio Bertolli, Macauley Simon, & Fabio, and everyones favorite PJ Jones and Alex Page!

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Kyle Deetz, Tomy Kutil, PJ Jones, Corbin Mason, Jerry Malone, Sonny Quick, Alex Page, Fabio Bertolli, Macauley Simon
Saggerz Skaterz
Czech Republic
Running time:
60 mins

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