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Deep In The Dark DVD

  • Fetish & SM
  • Big Dicks
  • Condom

Mickey Taylor (actor), Danny Montero (actor), Alexx Desley (actor), Sam Syron (actor), Basti Winkler (actor) , Young Bastards (studio)

In the darkness of Berlin's cellar fuck clubs things can get hard and heavy. Achingly horny sportswear guys and chav lads with balls packed fit to burst are on the hunt for some fresh fuckmeat. The macho guy's targets are young and inexperienced. They're tied up by their dominant top fuckers and turned into eager whores for everyone to get off inside. One sperm load after the other, blasting out until every nutsack is emptied out!

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Mickey Taylor, Danny Montero, Alexx Desley, Sam Syron, Basti Winkler
Max Jaeger, Ashton Bradley
Young Bastards
Running time:
96 mins

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