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Perfect Package 1 PRE-ORDER DVD

  • Big Dicks
  • Bareback

Lars Norgaard (actor), Adam Archuleta (actor), Kevin Warhol (actor), Jim Kerouac (actor), Hoyt Kogan (actor), Joel Birkin (actor) , FreshMen (studio)

Now pre-order the latest release from FreshMen by Bel Ami! This item will be dispatched on 17 February 2017. You may receive a shipping confirmation before that date, but the DVD will actually not be shipped before the 17th!

Get in his pants, get in his life... Introducing Lars Norgaard. Watch the new generation of Freshmen prove that they have got what it takes!

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Lars Norgaard, Adam Archuleta, Kevin Warhol, Jim Kerouac, Hoyt Kogan, Joel Birkin
Luke Hamill
Czech Republic
Running time:
118 mins