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Nick takes a bathroom break while playing catch with his buddies Dillon and Kameron. Dillon then takes a break and runs to the bathroom. While inside the restroom, Nick and Dillon begin stroking their cocks in separate stalls. Dillon then pushes his cock through a glory hole where Nick begins sucking it. Nick gets hard and sticks his cock through the hole. Dillon bends over and shoves his ass hole around Nick«s cock. Dillon penetrates back and forth taking Nick»s hard cock. Dillon then turns around and sucks Nick's creamy load out of his hard cock. Dillon then lies back and shoot his load onto his smooth stomach

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Dillon Samuels Nick Angels Kameron Scott Jerrick Dalton Wes Dynasty Blair Mason Jesse Jacobs
Afton Nills
Xtreme Productions
Running time:
60 mins

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