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As Big As They Cum DVD

  • Big Dicks
  • Bareback
  • 2DVD Box

Carlos Santiago (actor), David Hanson (actor), David Sky (actor), Richie Hajek (actor), Jason Mike (actor), Johnny Kingdom (actor), Noah Matous (actor), Shane Barret (actor), Ray Mannix (actor), Ruben Bart (actor), Pinky (actor), Kris Blent (actor), Gareth Grant (actor), Darko Simic (actor), Alan Benfelen (actor), Mickey Rush (actor), Matthew Paris (actor), Sam Williams (actor), Carl Ross (actor) , Staxus (studio)

2DVD Set!! Some guys will compromise on size – but that’s not the STAXUS way! In fact, our young stars have never been happy unless they’re either munching on the biggest cocks in the biz or riding those same monster schlongs for all their fucking worth! So join a bevy of the greatest size-queens on the planet, along with the over-sized dicks that make them oh so happy, as the likes of Shane Barret, Jace Reed and Carlos Santiago prove that when it comes to size there really is no such thing as “too big” for this horny collection of cock-crazy twinks!

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Carlos Santiago, David Hanson, David Sky, Richie Hajek, Jason Mike, Johnny Kingdom, Noah Matous, Shane Barret, Ray Mannix, Ruben Bart, Pinky, Kris Blent, Gareth Grant, Darko Simic, Alan Benfelen, Mickey Rush, Matthew Paris, Sam Williams, Carl Ross
John Smith
Czech Republic
Running time:
226 mins

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