Abused! DVDR (NC)

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BulldogXXX’s movies are hot because the men look like guys you’d see walking down the street. In ABUSED, young Ashley Ryder is a clerical worker who gets hit on by Adam Hall, an office predator in need of some ass. Hall eats out Ashley’s cunt-like hole and then fucks the beJesus out of him in several positions.

In a public toilet, dick hungry Ricky Jackson gets accosted by two well-built skinheads, Omar and Luc Bonay. The two men don’t ask for sex, they take it from Jackson. Clad in tight 501 Levis, the skinheads sport mucho baskets and force feed cock to the boy. With everybody naked, Ricky gives Omar his punk asshole (they call him “pussyboy” and “whore” amidst much dirty talk) and he’s fucked hard.

(Dr.) Igor Lucas readies Kyle Lewis for a rectal exam. Kyle’s dick is already hard when his pants are lowered. Multiple finger probing gets Lewis’ hole juicy and pulsating and after some mutual cocksucking and butt-licking, the doc gets naked for deeper exploration. His fat cock ravishes Kyle’s hole, who moans accordingly. Marvelous rear shots of hot fucking.

A street pickup culminates in a dingy storeroom where cigarette-smoking Adam Tremedoc dominates male nympho, Luca Falcini. Both men appear to be str8 studs on the DL. Respecting one another’s masculinity, they realize that somebody must give up his manhole. The lewd tongue-kissing convinces Luca that he’ll act as Adam’s bottom. They suck, rim and finally, Luca gives up his ass for a blistering fuck. The sex is rough and manly.

Hairy chests, armpits, crotches, balls, assholes, great bodies, big dicks and nasty attitudes. I loved it!

Adam Hall, Ashley Ryder, Luc Bonay, Ricky Jackson, Omar, Igor Lucas, Kyle Lucas, Adam Tremadoc, Luca Falcini 
Maxwell B
Great Britain
Run Time:
90 minutes