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Alpine Sex Party DVDR (NC)

Studio: Bloc
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SKU 02214D
This title will be shipped to you without the plastic case. You will receive the disc and the artwork!

Director Robert Boggs has gathered some very cute 18-22 y/o guys together for 2 hours of hot sex in seven great scenes. He first pairs playful Adam (Robbie Masters) and David for a pillow fight in their tight undies. Pillows are soon tossed and the guys are lip locked, maneuvering their hard cocks into each other’s mouths. Kubick spreads his legs wide for a rimming and side saddle pumping with lots of passionate kissing as they fuck. He climbs on top to sink his ass down onto David’s stiff pole to jack a load out, then gives David’s cock a handjob, milking out a load while their lips are again locked.

Genadij and Jan Kral can’t get out of their winter gear quick enough, making out as they strip down to soak in their slim young bodies with hands and mouths. Cock slick with spit from their oral pleasuring, Genadij plunges into Jan’s hairy hole from behind. Big blond Denis shows up to join in, getting his ass fucked by Genadij then Jan, and taking Gen’s load to his torso. Afterwards, Jan jacks his load onto his abs.

Jan Lendl and Joe don’t even make it out of the locker room before their cocks are out for play. Slim Jan lays a doggy fuck into Joe’s muscular ass on the bench, ending with big gushing spunk loads.

Adam and Genadij start in the shower, and end in bed for a bit of oral, lots of jacking off, cumshots on their abs by their own hands. Too bad Adam’s help his buddy out handjob technique wasn’t back for this scene.

Mark and Joe blow each other while waiting for Ladislav, and can’t wait any longer with Mark sliding his long pipe into Joe’s ass. Ladislav returns while the boys are in mid fuck, so they take turns on his ass and mouth. Mark gives Ladi a dripping facial and Joe creams his buns. Ladi gets an oral assist, then pops his load on his ripped abs.

Jan Lendl and David are a slim pair of horndogs hooking up in the bathroom. Jan tops David in an athletic session ending in the guys jacking their juicy cumshots at each other and rubbing their creamy cockheads together.

Coverboy Leo, Mark and Ladislav find an oldtime bowling alley and play with their clothes as the stakes. The now naked trio quickly have their hands and mouths all over one another. Big Ladi gets on his hands and knees, Zebro’s big cock stuffing his mouth while Leo rides his ass, pulling out to drench his hole. Zebro and Leo switch holes, with Zebro giving Ladi’s firm asscheeks a second soaking. Versatile Leo then gets fucked by Zebro while working Ladi’s prick with his mouth until Leo takes a trio of cumshots to his torso to end.

Featurewise, there’s an interviews section w/subtitles where you can get a bit of background on any of the guys who may have caught your eye.

A highly recommended EuroTwink choice.

This DVD will be delivered without plastic case. You will receive the disc and the inlay artwork.
Czech Republic
Robert Boggs
Release Date
Jan 24, 2014
Run Time
150 Minutes