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Always Ready DVDR (NC)

Studio: 18 Today
In stock
SKU 14774D
Fuck, man, talk about young! Most of these puppies don't have a developed pec among them, and their bellies still pooch out like a baby's. If you got any ass at slumber parties or on camping trips when you were these cuties' age, then every time they stick dick in each other's shit-slits, you'll remember what it felt like the first time you popped a buddy's rubbery little ring and felt that heat in there. And if you didn't, you'll feel like you are when you watch them poke their stiff pricks in between hairless little buns and start pumping. If you got fucked young, you'll understand why a bubble-gum blond sits on a skinny redhead's dick to get it farther in. If you always dreamed of sucking cock in public, you'll drool when two lads swallow dick whole at a bus stop and then go hide in the bushes to feel each other's asses-and lick them, which maybe most boys don't do. But the models here are acting out older men's fantasies, just like you'd like to. Three cuties sandwich-fuck much more slowly and gently than you probably did in school. Youths that age are in a real hurry to shoot and/or taste cum, but here they kiss and stroke and linger for your satisfaction, in the beautiful outdoors or on a study-hall table, discovering how wonderful and weird it is to realize that your gut is getting a guy off, and that getting fucked is better if you jack yourself-or if your fucker jacks you! And, God, how it feels when you and your fucker both cum on your belly!

There are few close-ups of fucking, but nice shots of half-hard cocks whirling as their owners bounce on boners. One older youth just kisses his friend's ass and cums on it.

The score throughout is classical music, which is appropriate, because these are classic scenes from every youth's life-or their wet dreams.

This DVD will be delivered without plastic case. You will receive the disc and the inlay artwork.
Paul, Petey
Release Date
Apr 14, 2020
Run Time
74 Minutes
18 Today