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Amsterdam 1651 DVD

Studio: Primepork
Out of stock
SKU 04263D
This films depicts, in glorious bareback detail, why Amsterdam is famous for its hot men and wild mansex. Hot guys from all over Europe come together (and cum together) for sexual adventures they'll never forget. There's Nico, a lean French hedonist with innocent looks and an appetite for pleasure. There's seductive Eduardo, from Spain, with a non-stop sex drive, a gorgeous butt, and a cock that never sleeps. There's farmboy Iro, from Germany, who has saved all his wild oats for Amsterdam. There's also the tall and dark-haired Denny from Italy, bottom boy Adam from Paris, and young Josh from Berlin. And who knows where Steve's from? His fat cock speaks the language of love, and he easily pleases everybody, everywhere, every time.

All of these guys are insatiably horny sex pigs. Before the last scrap of clothing can be shed, the guys have already enjoyed a sensual threeway deep kiss, tit play, deepthroating, facefucking, and eating ass. In other words, they get right to it, and they don't slow down until they literally collapse from exhaustion.

With duos, threesomes, and foursomes, there's all sorts of wild and rough action to look forward to, and the film gets rougher. Pecs get slapped, necks get strangled, mouths get stuffed with spit-soaked fingers, tits get bitten and bruised, faces get beaten by throbbing cocks, and throats get brutally pummeled. Don't miss the powerful chain fucking, followed by open-mouth cumshots, self-cum-eating, and threeway snowballing. At the 29-minute mark, a top and bottom are eye to eye and tongue to tongue as they fuck. It's a beautiful example of two men truly coming together as one, and gems like this happen throughout the film.

It's a treat to see these young guys sporting natural body hair. There are a few lightly furry chests on display, along with some sexy beard stubble. Two guys have shaved heads and tattoos, and another sports a mohawk.

It's also a treat to see such joyous sex. The guys are all smiles, no matter how intense the action gets. And that really sets this film apart and confirms its high recommendation.

Rick Strauss
Release Date
Jan 18, 2008
Run Time
90 Minutes