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Army Fuckers DVDR (NC)

Studio: Studz
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SKU 02352D
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I really enjoyed director Vlado Iresch's last film, Prison Fuckers. His films have plenty of good raunch, but he utilizes good story lines to float his films. The taboos about male-on-male sex go out the window when hetero men find themselves with no women to fuck.

ARMY FUCKERS is set on a small farm in Czechoslovakia during World War II when all of Europe was at war. Homosexuals were being tortured and killed in Germany and many fled the country for refuge. Robbie Masters (aka Adam Kubrick) plays a young farm worker, smitten with his roommate, Nicolas Santos, a well-built hetero virgin. Masters can't resist the sleeping hunk's hardon, but gets little resistance when he awakens. Santos needs pussy and Robbie willingly offers his hot anus as a vaginal substitute during their hot fucking. Santos pistons the cum out of Robbie.

The next morning, the Germans arrive and capture Nicolas. Worried that Tobias Varez, a worker he's fucking, tipped off the Gestapo, farm boss (Billy Jay) confronts him. Tobias laughs off the accusation and proceeds to sexually manhandle Jay, who cannot resist temptation. His weak flesh urges him to suck Varez and allow him to finger-fuck Billy, who wants to say "no" but his body cannot resist. Tobias sucks Billy off and eventually throws him down on the couch and rapes him. Varez threatens to report Billy to the German authorities about harboring fugitives if he doesn't keep quiet.

Robbie discovers another renegade (Sebastian Stone) hiding from the Gestapo. Rob lies about Sebastian's origins and convinces his boss to allow him to stay and work. When Tobias sees Sebastian, he recognizes him as German. Sebas shares a room with Joe Donovan, who reads aloud a gay sex novel to him and Daniel Nicolas. This turns the horny men on and they proceed to have a hot threesome, with blowjobs traded all around. In the end, Sebas has his hole eaten out and fucked by both studs.

The Gestapo arrives to search the farm, but they don't find Sebastian. Billy offers them hospitality and the handsome Kamil Fox to serve them. With no women to rape, officer Tom Nowy eyes Kamil, feels him up and forces him to his knees. This prompts soldier, Robert Driveman to "help out" with the little whore. Both men fuck the shit out of Fox while the other two soldiers (Eric Flower and Eric Tell) get into some heavy fuck action too.

Months later, Billy's brother (Eric Power) has taken over the farm and also acquired a lover, Peter Totti (aka Peter Stallion). In bed, they suck, eat ass and with Peter topping, fuck up a storm.

Sebastian suddenly returns and is reunited with Robbie, who is in love with him. He shows his love by taking Sebastian to bed, where they make love with Sebastian topping Masters. Together, they escape to another country.

A real movie! With a story, an appropriate soundtrack, good acting, direction and hot-as-hell sex. Bravo!

This DVD will be delivered without plastic case. You will receive the disc and the inlay artwork.
Czech Republic
Vlado Iresch
Release Date
Jan 24, 2014
Run Time
115 Minutes