Ass-Splittin' Surprise DVD

Bare Twinks
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We’re not exactly sure whether the fact that the lads in this horned-up offering from Bare Twinks are as horned as it’s possible to be really comes as any great surprise to anyone; least of all those of you who’ve ever seen the likes of Dylan Chambers, Nico Michaelson and Cole Patrick in action before. But we also know that that’s unlikely to put you off. Indeed, you only have to take a casual glance at the boys in question to realise that they’re all as horny and cum-crazed as it’s possible to be; and it doesn’t take very long to appreciate that that’s a reputation they’re all keen to uphold. So sit back, unzip and relish this bareback spectacle, with young lad after young lad getting banged, and cock after cock yielding a torrent of jizz!
Dylan Chambers, Kyler Moss, Nico Michaelson, Trey Bentley, Nick Simpson, Blake Anderson, Kayden Alexander, Michael Klein, James Stirling, Justin Stone, Cameron Hilander, Cole Patrick 
United States
Bare Twinks
Run Time:
99 minutes
Release Date:

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