Bare Balls DVDR (NC)

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Though the balls of Raw’s latest release, “Bare Balls,” are really paint balls, all of you know better. Director Vlado Iresch is using the flimsy excuse of paintballing-as-favorite-sport-of-19-year-old-hotties to show fourteen of those same 19-year-olds in every variety of sport, all of it dangerously but hotly unprotected.

This means that we get to see a very built, very, very hung black kid maul angelic Cameron Jackson’s byoo-tee-full butt, then turn him around with the assistance of a third hottie and cover his pretty face in several generous spurts of jizz. And that’s just scene one! Scenes two and four feature the gorgeous late teen boys Iresch seems to find everywhere (the top boy in scene 5, which takes place in a bathroom, is especially hot), and scene three is another threeway, this time with a military fatigues theme. Scene five is an outdoor one in which a lovely little blond gets his pink parts exposed to the cold air of a leafless forest, and then gets a cock in mouth and ass as a way of staying warm. The last scene is the third threeway, and no more disappoints than the others.

Iresch just keeps making winners, and Raw has truly built up an amazing set of pictures with his help. “Bare Balls” is certainly an appropriately sizzling addition to all of the animal heat that’s come before it. And believe me: you won’t have any trouble giving paint balling a try after this!

Cameron Jackson, Ernesto Filipy, Bob Oldman, Miquel de Sanchuez, Veno Gould, Koudy Camel, Robbie Master, Bill Lewis, Thomas Lee, Santos Ribisi, Jay Renfro, Lev Dumak, Casey Prince, Sanches Viva 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
103 minutes

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