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Millions of hot guys around the world use internet chat and Web cams every day to connect up with other horny dudes. Bare Chat is about those wild sexual encounters. Expect a non-stop celebration of 15 smooth bodies (some shaved crotches, others sport treasure trails), great big uncut cocks, and dazzlingly attractive young European guys.

Cameron Jackson's hefty and stunningly beautiful cock gets a full-service blow job from Marco Filipi. Body worship, romantic deep kissing, exquisite cock sucking, and ass rimming lead up to some very intense buttfucking on a leather sofa. Cameron pulls his dick out just in time to spray a big juicy load all over Marco's arched back. Marco then sucks Cam's shaft clean.

On a pool table in the next scene, the film picks up even more steam. The guys are so ravenous for each other that they practically rip off each other's clothes in their ferocious hunt for cock. As their fingers dance across their bodies, bottom man John Hunter sits on Patrik Dorsy's cock and rides him bareback. Patrik pulls out to drench John's hard cock, balls, chest and face with creamy jizz. Patrik's cum explosion is worthy of a replay, and we're treated to one, from a different angle.

We're not even halfway through yet and there are more perfect cocks, joyous body worship, fantastic cocksucking, and wild hardcore bareback fucking in store.

One excellent highlight is an interracial threeway, in which horse hung Sanchez Viva demonstrates that it takes two other guys to handle his monster cock. In another scene, man fucks a blow-up doll, cums inside its rubber ass, only to be discovered by two other guys. They then prove to be the ultimate sex toys. Their rimming, face fucking, and ass ramming are the most intense of the entire film. A freshly fucked asshole gets hot cum pounded back inside, and one boy eats up two very thick and juicy loads aimed at his mouth.

Needless to say, Bare Chat comes highly recommended!

Cameron Jackson, Johny Hunter, Patrik Dorsy, Jay Arner, Alex Manchini, Marco Filipi, Jay Gregory, Justin Corner, Ronnie Badell, Joe Kean, Sanchez Viva, Thomas Lee, Alan Capier 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
110 minutes

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