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It’s never especially clear as to why Cameron Jackson calls in a technical expert to move the direction of his webcam – it’s a relatively straightforward procedure when all’s said and done. Nor is it made specific as to whether he deliberately or absent-mindedly leaves indecent images on his screen for the IT engineer to see. What can be said with some certainty, however, is that Marco Filipi enjoys the said discovery – privately glancing through the shots and unzipping his trousers, before calling Jackson over to explain that the computer has to be re-started and to ask what the fellow wants to save the pictures. Of course, in real real life Jackson would almost certainly be awash with embarrassment. This being a gay porn scene, however, he promptly dives for Filipi’s swollen crotch and engages in some hungry kissing – an act that immediately signals the start of a terrific full-on suck-and-fuck session between two horned-up beauties that will almost certainly have you unzipping yourself in no time. Not surprisingly – given that it’s fucking gorgeous! – Filipi doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of Jackson’s joystick, feasting on every inch like his life depended on it; whilst Jackson takes the first opportunity to finger the fellow’s arse-hole, before giving the young lad an energetic ramming over the sofa. Considering the intensity of the occasion and the fact that Jackson is the kind of lad who’s ready for sex at a moment’s notice, it’s not surprising that the fellow is soon erupting like a feckin’ fountain; leaving Filipi to be yanked off to his own sticky and satisfying glory!
Marco Filipi, Cameron Jackson 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Bare Scenes
Run Time:
20 minutes
Release Date: