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Bare Encounters DVDR (NC)

Studio: Bare
In stock
SKU 01971D
I’m going to just say it right from the beginning of this review. “Bare Encounters” is an excellent DVD! It contains some of the hottest bareback fucking I have ever seen, with some of the most beautiful, big dick boys from the Czech Republic! If I could write a review with one word, the word for “Bareback Encounters” would be “excellent”! There is no doubt about that! I almost feel there is little else that needs to be said!

Director, Vlado Iresch, has put together some of the greatest footage to give you camera angles and action that I have never seen before. The penetration and the pumping of the cock in the ass were seen from every angle available, from close-up shots to distant shots. This DVD has it all. The lighting was superb. The locations for each scene seemed right with the sex. There was nothing contrived or out of place in this DVD. And the boys were hungry for sex, which is what the DVD was all about.

According to the DVD there is a “germ” spreading across the world. It is a “sex germ” and by 2070 the whole world will be infected. It creates uncontrollable urges of wanting to have sex and finding others that are “infected” to have sex with. Personally, I don’t think it was a “germ” at all. These boys are hungry, thirsty and wanting sex so bad they will dive into it with 110% of their ability. Just by watching it, I was infected! These boys are so incredibly hot and their cocks are throbbing with loads of cum. There wasn’t one hard-on problem, nor were there any problem with the cum shot. It was all there, ready to go at the drop of the pants.

Once again Raw Films has brought another hot video into my home. I haven’t seen one Raw Film yet that I have been the least bit disappointed with. They are all outstanding, with excellent footage and some of the sexiest boys on this planet. I can say without hesitation that Raw Film Ltd. is now in my top 5 favorite video companies, and it will take some major flops to pull them out of that position. The way they are going, I doubt that is going to happen any time soon! Excellent job!

This DVD will be delivered without plastic case. You will receive the disc and the inlay artwork.
Czech Republic
Vlado Iresch
Release Date
Jan 24, 2014
Run Time
104 Minutes