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Bare Shooters DVDR (NC)

Studio: Bare
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What makes a film like this a masterpiece? It all boils down to respect. "Bare Shooters" has respect for the exquisite male body, for passionate mansex at its sticky best, for good storytelling, for high quality filmmaking (in glorious widescreen), and, most importantly, for the horny viewer. Within the first five minutes of this film, you know you've got something very special indeed. Not only is the bareback sex sizzling hot, but the story leading up to the encounters is perfect. Sure, good old lust is the only motivation a man needs to initiate sex, but an interesting story line can make the fucking so much more fun.

The titular "shooters" aren't just the mega-hung young studs who pump mancream like crazy, but also two starving artists who decide to open up a photography studio to help pay the rent. The guys develop quite an amazing clientele! Wait till you see their handsome, hot subjects joyously fuck and suck in just about every position imaginable. This is the sort of enthusiastic, fun-loving, masculine action that is simply an inspiration to behold, down to the last drop. Between the raw, hardcore sex are terrific erotic photography sessions, especially pleasing for viewers with a more romantic streak.

If you haven't seen 69ing in widescreen, you haven't seen 69ing. The same goes for five-man orgies. Indeed, every activity these guys enjoy is beautifully captured on film, in crisp detail, with so much skin in each frame. Perhaps the most striking scene occurs in a bathroom, where one mega-hung guy is jerking off in the tub while watching a showering buddy hump the glass shower door with his own monster cock. Where that leads you'll have to see for yourself, but needless to say a splashy good time is had by all! The threeway finale in the kitchen is also a real standout. This is how threeways should be done, with every guy fully sharing in the experience. In other words, there is no "third wheel" here. Every dick, every ass, and every mouth is deliriously occupied throughout, in wonderful combinations.

Get ready for lots of ecstatic open-mouth cumshots. Sometimes the sucker's tongue dances across the swollen cockslit as it spurts cream. You can bet that those sticky, sperm-covered shafts get sucked clean. When jizz spurts directly into a guy's mouth, you'll see it swallowed. One guy swallows three times during his oral onslaught, before nursing on the sticky shaft to trigger his own geyser eruption. The cumshots get replayed from different angles, which allows for even greater appreciation of those juicy geysers. Note that there are no anal cumshots in this film--the focus is on cum eating.

In addition to the acrobatic face fucking, butt pounding, and cock sucking, we're treated to some fun tit biting, banana sex, face painting, deep kissing (including snowballing), mutual jacking (followed by cum tasting), teabagging, ass-to-mouth action, and rimming. Some of the fuck positions make it look like the bottom man will shoot off onto his own face, but that doesn't happen, and with good reason--the guys are saving their cum for each other.

Even if you've seen lots of gay porn, you've likely not seen a film as sizzling hot and perfectly presented as this one. Once again, director Vlado Iresch has outdone himself, raising the bar and setting all new standards.

This DVD will be delivered without plastic case. You will receive the disc and the inlay artwork.
Czech Republic
Vlado Iresch
Release Date
Jan 24, 2014
Run Time
114 Minutes