Barebacking Fuck Buddies 4 DVD

Cocksure Men
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It's been a while since Tristan and his buddy DJ have gotten together and they are ready to make up for lost time. Both take notice of each other's incredible physiques since they've last seen each other; Tristan with a gym body and DJ lean and cut. It's each other's cocks they anxiously want to get reacquainted with the most. The men unleash their swords and swallow them down. Rock hard, Tristan eats DJ's ass, priming it for the drilling, which he then provides. They flip and DJ's long dick plows Tristan’s bubble butt. Now the flop and DJ is spread eagled, accepting Tristan's fuck-pole once more. DJ lets loose a cum shot with Tristan still deep in his ass. Tristan straddles DJ's chest taking aim for a facial but falls short, splattering DJ's chin. Tristan makes up for it by licking up his own cum and then kissing DJ, making sure he gets a taste.
Tristan Baldwin, D.J. Mann, Shawn Hunter, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Blake Carson, Zane Reynolds, Rusty Stevens 
Jake Cruise
United States
Cocksure Men
Run Time:
121 minutes
Release Date:

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