Boys in the Mountains DVDR (NC)

Beau Mec
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In Beau Mec’s Boys In the Mountains, Neel Jensen and Tony Pike (right cover) are two locals living together in a mountain village. The boys already have a busy sex life, but when the snow strands a group of hot young studs in town, the action heats up to a whole new level. Neel and Tony start things off in their cabin hammock, where surferboy looking Neel takes control of Tony’s hairless ass, driving his cock in deep. After their acrobatic fuck, the boys trade facials and kiss while their chins drip with cum.

Thomas Dyk is soaping up his firm body in the shower when he’s joined by muscle boy Mark Doof for a steamy makeout session, kissing and gorging on cock. Doof has Dyk spread eagle against the shower wall to impale his cute ass from behind, then they’re on the shower floor for a deep poking ride. Doof is pumping away while Thomas jacks a load out onto his abs, then Mark pops on top of that.

Cute blond Jose Manuel walks in on Tony Gump pleasuring himself with a big vibrator. Jose takes over the vibrator fucking, then uses his fat cock to take Tony’s hole workout to a new level.

The studly pair of Kamil Fox and Nikandro Sideropulis are busy sucking cock when pint sized blond Martin Kirk joins them for a threeway. Spitroasting Martin isn’t enough for these horny dudes, they move into a spit lubed double penetration in several positions before feeding Martin thick gobs of spunk.

Another hot threeway has Johan Volny, George Basten and Alex Stevens (left cover) hooking up in a cocksucking chain. Then Johan wraps his throbbing tool and takes turns fucking his buddies’ hot asses all over the couch before unleashing a creamy climax for the bottomboys to share.

The two coverboys, Tony and Alex, are next as they head to Tony’s cabin for a sensual lovemaking feast.

Another great release from Beau Mec (Staxus Studios) and its never-ending flock of hot young fuckers.

Alex Stevens, Tony Pike, Neel Jenson, Thomas Dyk, Mark Doof, Jose Manuel, Johan Volny, George Basten, Kamil Fox, Nikandro Sideropulos, Tony Gump, Martin Kirk 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Beau Mec
Run Time:
120 minutes