Boys in the Snow DVDR (NC)

Beau Mec
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In Boys in the Snow, director Vlado Iresch takes a hot Czech twink porn and makes it a very well-done, artfully crafted story. Iresch, who is no stranger to casting hot and hung young lads.

Much of the credit is due to the choice of the muscular and photogenic lead, Phill Sardou. Dark haired, smooth, and with an athlete's body, Phill is both narrator and participant as the viewer is taken through his life in a series of flashback vignettes.

The scenes are subtitled in English and filmed in such a way to visually distinguish them from the sex scenes that follow. Iresch wisely keeps the art house effects to the plotline and frees up the sex scenes to be enjoyed as erotica. This is not to say that the sex is not filmed well. Indeed, it is clear, well lit and very professional.

Sardou, along with coverboy Johan Volny and the prolific Cameron Jackson round out a cast of 13 very beautiful men. There is enough variety among the types, but of course each boy is handsome, muscular, and most are quite well-hung. There are condoms used throughout, but scene three features two spectacular facial cumshots with divine cum eating. All scenes feature kissing, oral, anal, and rimming. Sardou returns in the final scene to orally service a thick piece ona hot stud before fucking his young buddy to satisfaction.

Andy Cole, Johan Volny, Cameron Jackson, Richard Said, Alexander Duno, Sebastian Smith, David Dave, Karel Gross, Billy Jay, Rocco Ulm, Billy Brown, Jay Gregory, Phill Sardou 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Beau Mec
Run Time:
110 minutes

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