Cockpit Cum Boys DVDR (NC)

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I can't imagine know how he does it, but director Vlado Iresch brings such a fresh perspective to the masculine body and to mansex that it's like witnessing naked men and gay love for the very first time. "Cockpit Cum Boys" maintains the first-class standard, with a jaw-dropping cast of handsome, horse-hung, horny young men whose insatiable lust is virtually unparalleled. Even if you don't have a special fetish for airline captains and their secret liasons with their co-pilots, this widescreen extravaganza takes mansex to soaring new heights of intensity and excitement. Add in an interesting, fully developed story line with top-notch photography, and you have an unqualified 5-star masterpiece on your hands.

The focus on airplane pilots is inspired. It's a glamorous job with a sexy uniform, and the globe-trotting lifestyle means the pilot has his choice of men, night after night. And we're talking "choice" men, indeed. Wait till you see the massive, uncut cocks these blond and brunette guys are brandishing!

Some especially hot surprises include a marvelous chest frottage beginning at the 15-minute mark, explosive cum eruptions, and wild threeways. Then there's the ecstatic jizz eating. At the 45-minute mark, get a load of the cum fanatic who licks clean two sticky cocks that have just shot off huge loads of mancream, then crams both spent cocks into his mouth for a double suck. But whatever you do, don't miss the 68-minute mark, where two guys open their mouths and lock their chins together as a buddy face-fucks them simultaneously. He shoots off with their two mouths encasing both sides of his cock shaft. You can bet that his sperm-drenched cockhead gets licked and sucked by both guys before they snowball a veritable river of jizz and spit.

You can bet there's plenty of juicy cocksucking, 69ing, deepthroating, dick sparring, rimming, finger fucking, body worship, hard buttfucking (with condoms), mutual jacking, tit play, facefucking, open-mouth cumshots, snowballing, and deep kissing throughout. There's even a surprise anal drenching in the final ten minutes of the action, after which the top man licks the freshly fucked ass clean of his own cum.

It's impossible to praise this film too highly. It's an all-around classy production, lovingly filmed, joyously performed, and a treasure to watch.

Cameron Jackson, Dominik Eastley, Alex Stevens, George Plozen, Mark Zebro, Grenady Prokov, Martin Nehmet, Clif Harper, Jay Renfro 
Robert Boggs
Czech Republic
Run Time:
115 minutes