Colt Adam Champ Genuine Cast

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A lusciously lifelike, ultra satisfying dildo boasting the exact likeness of uncut Colt boy Adam Champ, this dildo comes to you from Colt Gear's collection, which is molded from only the most deserving men- one look at this big boy will let you know why Adam qualifies. With an incredibly realistic detailing, including this Colt boy's smooth shaft and big raised veins for lots of stimulation, the feel is next-level lifelike thanks to an improved, innovative realistic PVC material. With a soft, non-tacky feel, incredible temperature sensitivity that warms quickly to match body heat and a satisfying firmness under the plush surface, this material both looks and feels unbelievably real. For an even more lifelike touch, try soaking Adam and your lube of choice in warm water before use. Thanks to a big set of balls, the base is safe for extra deep penetration- it also features a sturdy, extra strong suction cup, which lets you quickly and easily attach Adam to almost any smooth flat surface for completely hand-free enjoyment. A great quality water or silicone base lube will keep the plush PVC material in top shape. Made in the USA.