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Young Julien Breeze is a man with sex on his mind – a not-exactly surprising condition given his age and the fact that he seems to be constantly surrounded by a collection of the hottest, horniest mates one could ever wish for. Indeed, it’s absolutely no wonder that he spends most of his time looking at wank-mags and knocking out generous loads of hot jizz – as is the case in the first five minutes of this cum-inducing escapade. What’s more, when he isn’t jerking off he’s daydreaming about his pals and imagining what they get up to during their more intimate moments. Cue a terrific fantasy featuring Dominik Eastley and Jimmy Call, which Breeze eavesdrops from an adjacent room. Eastley is the handsome pool-boy, who should be busy at work; Call is the chiselled swimmer, who takes full advantage of the situation to tempt Eastley out of his trunks and into the water. Suffice it to report that it’s not very long at all before the two fellows are busy slurping off each other’s cocks – Call’s nicely shaved dick quite simply too much for the other lad to resist. Indeed, by the time that Eastley is being rigorously rimmed by his buddy at the side of the water, any hope of the pool-boy resisting a heavy session of sodomy has been clean blown away; with Call’s thick, uncut shaft promptly invading the young lad’s ass for the pounding of his life. It’s no surprise at all that Eastley is soon splurging a shit-load of goo as a result; but it’s the sight of Call quite literally white-washing the dude’s face with a torrent of spunk at the scene’s finale that warrants the greatest acclaim!
Julien Breeze, Dominik Eastley, Jimmy Call 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
SauVage Scenes
Run Time:
17 minutes
Release Date: