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At this exclusive private school for young men there are no girls. So the young men, their bodies bursting with the desire to express their "needs" develop a fluid sexuality. They easily find attention from the other guys, who are in the same state of heat, and they become enamored with the beauty of youth and male desire. There is love and unrequited desire. All the students want to get close to Martin, the young and oh so straight Big Man on campus that they all want to taste and explore. And what would private school be without an overly stern "campus comp" who abuses his privileges of the job and the hot young twinks in his charge. These twelve innocents are easy prey for this sexual stud and his powerful equipment. But school days are fun days especially when sexy guys are studying the same courses you are. Especially intercourses - where everyone gets an A Plus! Jean Daniel Cadinot created this genre of film and polishes this story like a true master.
Nino Ronaldo, Samy d'Angelo, Peter Jan Verbist, Christian Astier, Gabriel de Ronac, Adam Devil, Mathan Toahotu, Maxime de la Roche, Kevin Lambert, Martin Berne, Alan Cortes, Guilhem Thomas 
Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Run Time:
110 minutes

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