Cum Fuckers DVDR (NC)

Cum Fuckers
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Nick Kinman, who directed and filmed "Cum Fuckers," set out to create the wildest, roughest, most relentless barebacking experience on the market. Lovers of rough, filthy, ultra-masculine sex will find this widescreen film richly rewarding. The secret to Kinman's success is his cast of real-life lovers who know every square millimeter of each other's bodies and know exactly what makes each other tick. The intensity they bring to mansex is almost overwhelming. Add in the fact that these guys are all multi-orgasmic, and you're guaranteed an amazing ride. One couple says they had non-stop sex for three days when they first met, and after you see them together you can easily believe they weren't exaggerating.

In terms of "filthy" sex promised on the DVD cover, you'll see one man piss into another's mouth, then lick his own piss off his drenched partner's body. You'll see dicks go from ass to mouth. You'll see piss fucking, where the top man's hard cock streams hot piss as it plunges inside an asshole, giving his bottom man a deep piss enema. Then you'll see the bottom man force that piss out of his ass, onto his partner's cock, then suck the cock clean. You'll see cum eating, post-orgasmic penetration, felching, and cum massage. You'll see sweaty armpit licking. Spit lovers will see plenty of spit lube, deep kissing, and spit feeding.

In terms of rough sex, there's all sorts of wildly acrobatic positions, tit biting, chest and belly punching, strangle holding, brutal fucking (of the face and ass), hair pulling, ass spanking, and mouth silencing (where the top man roughly covers the bottom's mouth with both hands while powerfully assaulting his ass).

There's also some delightful 69ing, double jacking, ball sucking, finger fucking, rimming, geyser eruptions, and bulge play.

The men range in age from mid-20s to early 40s (but mostly on the younger end). All are in terrific shape, hung big, and very masculine. All except one are smooth (the exception being a guy from Australia, sporting trimmed body hair).

Don't miss the bonus outtakes, including an 11-minute session involving face masks, handcuffs, and a terrific anal cumshot.

My only complaint is with the camera work. Every time the camera zooms in to capture a spectacular cumshot or something especially kinky (like the piss fucking), the image blurs and the cameraman has to refocus. When sex is this frenzied, a few moments of focusing can spoil a lot of prime action. Cumshots in particular need to be perfectly focused, or they're half over before the viewer can tell what's going on. I wouldn't say the faulty photography ruins the film, but it certainly keeps this from being the masterpiece that it might have been.

Tony, David, Marc, Ty, Aidan, Lucas, Joey, Stefan 
Nick Kinman
Great Britain
Cum Fuckers
Run Time:
125 minutes

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