Daddy Raunch DVD

Hot Desert Knights
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Daddy Raunch is possibly one of the "seed-iest" raw man-on-man debauchery movies that HDK has ever released, it positively oozes sleaze and sperm. This movie is dedicated to all the HDK bareback fans who have requested for us to produce more “Classic HDK Style Bareback Movies” hold on to your cock because your about to get what you asked for and whole lot more!
These relentless muscle daddies pound hard hairy juicy puckered holes with absolute precision until every quivering eager hungry hole is filled with spewing cum. These insatiable men fuck with an innate skill and intensity that is pure, virile animal prowess. Witnessing them in action in the dungeon and back room is enough to give any man's asshole an immediate appetite. Watch the reactions of the men they breed and you'll know it feels every bit as good as it looks.
These hairy dominant daddies and submissive hungry holes begging for a relentless fucking, are lean and muscular raunchy mature studs awash in sweat and semen, who have no-fear and no-limits, and are all literal fuck-aholics. Our men - the Real Men of HDK - go at sex and life with an attitude summed up in the title of this newest movie: DADDY RAUNCH
From total sex-slaves to dominant brutal fuckers, from submissive man-cunts to testosterone-driven studs with baseball-sized meat swinging between their legs, these fuckers lay it all on the line to explore the extremes of real man-to-man sex. The scenes are filled with big-dicked studs dripping hot jizz and eating every last drop out of cum spewing holes. We got the most hungry insatiable man holes, bending over and begging for it and oh did they get lots of it, “Gobs” of it in-fact.
These mature daddies live for it, worship it, and hunger for it. And in DADDY RAUNCH you get scene after scene of begging, willing man-cunts getting what they need from each stud, raw raunchy “Real Man-Sex” and a hot load to boot!
If you have a real taste for CLASSIC Hot Desert Knights movies and raw dungeon sex, we can guarantee that you'll want to get this one for your collection, for your total pleasure.
DADDY RAUNCH is the real deal.
Parker, Mason Garet, Brent Chaps, Clark Longhammer, Matt Sizemore, Kyle Savage, Tober Brandt 
Patrik Kohl
United States
Hot Desert Knights
Run Time:
100 minutes
Release Date:

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