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This movie is difficult to review in 300 words because it has pretty nearly everything, including nerve and a sense of humor.

It has terrific, sharp videography in clear, vivid color. It has irresistibly handsome males from twink to stud. It has kissing, finger-fucking, huge cocks, cocksucking, tit-eating, ass-eating, mutual masturbation, bareback fucking in every position of easy-open assholes or assholes opened with speculums. It has disreputable doctors drugging pretty twinks or handsome studs with aphrodisiacs or anesthetics, and cum falling onto faces, into mouths, or into asshole (and used as lube to fuck some more).

And of course, in all six scenes, it has piss, clear or yellow,from cocks, through catheters, onto faces, into mouths, into pans, into assholes, out of assholes.

Doctor Bimore pokes beautiful, smooth-bodied, shaggy-legged twink Felton's ass with a needle and then with dick. Doctor's assistant Capier intimately examines lovely White and Brinkman in front of visitor Westworth, turning them all on for an athletic threeway. Blond-mohawked orderly North pisses on anesthetized patient Kingsley whom handsome Doctor Fox just brutally buggered on a gurney. Straight patients Heath and Brooks, excited by a porn-mag from Heath's mother (!) decide to give each other their oral and golden-shower cherries (Capier helps with that). Doctors Bimore and Fox sexually bribe stud-tongued orderly North with cock in both ends of him not to tell that Fox fucked the drugged patient. Capier turns-on patent Carter's pucker starting an enema, but leaves; Carter jacks and fingers himself until Felton volunteers to finish the enema and engage in a round of jacking, blowing, rimming, and rough fucking that attracts patient Brooks for a threesome.

If the movie has a flaw, it's that now and then the subtitles are too light to read, but you'll have no trouble understanding what's being said.

Marcel Bimore, Garry Brinkman, Louis Brooks, Alan Capier, Mike Carter, Andreas Felton, Kamil Fox, Julien Heath, Justin Kingsley, Dylan North, Dan Westworth, Falco White 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Dirty Fuckers
Run Time:
115 minutes