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My Dirtiest Fantasy
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Master Aaron has a new slave-boy, Adam Power, who does and receives whatever torment his master wants. First of all he’s in a cage sucking of Master Aaron, then he gets fucked and whipped, with his arms trapped in a straitjacket. The abuse is taken to another level when Master Aaron hangs him upside down whilst still in the straitjacket. But the torment isn’t over yet, the abuse on Adam’s ass is just getting started. Master Aaron brings him to a lounger and ties him to it with his legs up and his ass wide open. He uses dildos on Adam’s ass whilst torturing his cock and balls with a pin wheel. To culminate the humiliation Master Aaron pisses in his opened ass helped by an anal clamp. Finally, Adam is moved to a torture chair where his cock and balls continue to be abused. Soon the slave-boy is cumming in his master’s hands.
Master Aaron, Adam Power 
Timmy Treasure
My Dirtiest Fantasy
Run Time:
48 minutes
Release Date: