Dream Ticket DVD (NC)

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2008 Golden Dickie Awards nominee for Best (Amateur) Twink Performer - Bottom: Alex Stevens.

Since this is a film by Vlado Iresch, you already know the cast is dazzling, the dicks will be gargantuan, and the cum will flow like faucets. But what lifts Dream Ticket even farther above the massive crowd? It's the delightful personalities. These guys aren't just well-hung fuck machines. They're adorable people, with smiles and giggles and expressions that'll melt your heart even as your cock grows. Eurocream superstar Alex Stevens in particular could sweep any guy off his feet, with that boyish charm and man-sized libido. Add in wild bareback action and a fun storyline about a birthday that gets more surprising by the minute, and you've got yourself a true keeper.

How much do these guys love cock? This is the first time I've ever seen someone so drunk on dick during a 69 session that he massages his entire face (including eyeballs and neck) with his buddy's swollen cockhead. He doesn't just want to suck dick--he wants to be totally surrounded by dick, engulfed by it. It's an incredible tribute to masculine bonding, in which one man can celebrate a buddy's throbbing masculinity with nothing held back.

Get ready for some ravenous cock sucking with open-mouth cumshots and jizz eating. The cum is finger-licking delicious, as the guys demonstrate. Better still, they snowball the cream afterwards to savor their sticky experience. Wait till you see one guy plaster his buddy's entire face with hot fuckjuice and then lick it clean while they snowball. The slow-motion replays are quite welcome.

The bareback buttfucking is also out-of-this-world, especially if you love seeing a guy ride a dick like cowboy atop a bucking bronco. There are several ass-slathering cumshots (including post-orgasmic fucking), but the focus in this film is on cum facials.

We're also treated to bubble baths, pizza-boy sex, thorough ball worship, mouth-watering rimming, romantic deep kissing, tearoom sex, handjobs, and three different threeways.

With no fewer than 13 sweet boys and too many sticky orgasms to count, there's a great deal to enjoy and admire in "Dream Ticket." It comes highly recommended.

Alex Stevens, Jose Manuel, Thom Dyk, Luk Anders, Tony Koch, John Flunnery, Robin Lukko, Frank Milo, Rony Clue, Steff Torr, George Willis, Cameron Jackson, Johny Hunter 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
115 minutes