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Treasure Island
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For years Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media's visionary founder and owner, has documented his passion for cocksucking and cocksuckers in the landmark swallow series Drunk On Cum (DOC). Now, for the first time and by popular demand, the studio has collected Volumes 1 through 5 in a single box set.

An encyclopedic celebration of man's mouth as a primary sex organ, Drunk On Cum has everything from group oral-orgies to man-to-man cock-worship sessions, from gullet-stretching deep throating to ball sac tongue-baths, from total oral cumwhores sucking off any and every cock dangled in front of them to newbie cum-swallowers slurpin' a fresh hot load down their gullets. This mouth-wide-open, cum-eating, swallow-that-load-down spoogeapalooza is guaranteed to top anything you've seen.

Aiden Camp, Allen Adams, Billy Wild, Brad Davis, Caedon Chase, Dan Fisk, Dylan, Erich Lange, Fyerfli, Jake Parker, James Roscoe, Jeremy Oliver, Jerry Stearns, Keer, Mike O'Neill, Paul Stag, Phoenix, Sanchez, Skeet, Spit, Will Bottoms 
Paul Morris
United States
Treasure Island
Run Time:
590 minutes
Release Date: