Peter The Great DVDR (NC)

Cream of the Crop
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Filmed entirely in Russia. One young teen has one sexual encounter after another. Peter picks up a blonde and brunette boy and the two suck and fuck like the young boys that they are. The young blond devours his buddy's uncut cock as they all share in sucking on each other. The blonde shoves up his piece of meat up his buddy's butthole and fucks him. The dark harried teen jacks off while being fucked. The three lay body to body and help the dark haired teen out as he shoots his boy cum all over himself. Peter finds another handsome boy and undress the lad, they kiss. The young boy jumps into action and slides his cock up Peters butthole and fucks him. The twink pulls out and pops his load over Peters hips. Peter manages to get two more cute twinks for some sex play. A dark harried boy and a brunette. The three strip and are into action. Two make out as Peter has his way with the dark harried boys uncut cock stroking it. The brunette lays on Peters cock and his buddy makes with the both of them. Peter fucks the young brunette first doggie style the brunette ends up sitting up and fucking himself bouncing on Peters hard cock. The brunette pops his load all over his stomach creaming himself. Peter leans forward and shoots stream after steam of hot boy cum on the young boys body. Peter is joined by three blond boys, that strip and then go into action. Peter takes them on one at a time, first kissing until one blonde beings sucking on Peters willing uncut cock. The two other blonde fuck in a chair as the one boy pounds the others young butthole. And in bed the third blonde slides his cock up Peters hot hole and fucks him. The young blonde pulls out and jacks off all over Peters butt cheeks creaming him good with a huge pile of boy cum. The young blonde boys continue to fuck . When finally the young boy pulls out and deposits a huge load of thick cum all over his blonde buddies back.

Finally outside Peter gets a chance at two more boys at a picnic. Both young blonde boys quickly become the main course for Peter to feast on. One boy shoves his hot uncut meat up Peters yet unsatisfied butthole and fucks and fondles Peter at the same time. With the other blonde sucking on Peters still hard meat. The young boy so exhausted pulls out his long cock and unloads all over Peters back drenching him in boy cum. The three end up playing around as the third teen tease Peter with his long uncut cock. Two blondes and a brunette all nude share some boy on boy magic as their bodies twist and turn with each other. The young hung brunette puts a condom on and is ready as he shoves his hard uncut meat up one boys tender butthole pumping his young virgin hole. As the other boy watches. The young brunette pulls out and creams his fuck buddy with his hot boy load. The two are poised over the other boy as they jack off both shooting at the same time leaving the young teen cum covered. The two collapse on each other as the extra teen jacks off shooting his boy cum all over the blonds' smooth white butt-cheeks.

In a hotel bathroom a cute boy gets fucked by a blonde boy. The twink plows the boys butthole as a second blonde watches the action. But the brunette soon treats the second blonde by sucking his hard hungry cock. After both blonde have been satisfied they position themselves over the brunette and need to jack off. But the brunette soon has his mouth over the first blondes cock sucking him who proceeds to fucks the brunette for the second time while the young brunette jacks off shooting his boy load all over his tanned belly. Both blondes end up jacking off leaving cum all over the place. In another hotel room three cute boys are having with each others fat uncut cocks. Sucking and face fucking each other, before one boy turns the other around and shoves his hard cock up the boys butthole and fucks him good and hard. He turns his attention to the cute boy sitting in the chair, he strips the lad and kisses him and both boys begin working on the young boys body, sucking his long fat uncut cock while sharing kisses with both at the same time. The boy is put on a table and fucked by one boy and face fucked by the other as the cute twink gets his hot butthole worked out. The boy sits on his fuck buddies cock and fucks himself while the other boy fucks his hot mouth. All three take their shot at fucking each other. Until it turns into a regular Fuck-A-Thon. Two boys do a sixty-nine while one boy fucks his buddy while doing the sixty nine. All three boys jack off and pump hard and squirt their boy cum all over their young bellies. Already in action two boys are fucking each other on the bed as the young boy assaults his buddies butthole pumping in and out as hard as he can. He fucks him on his side pumping even harder pounding his meat up the boys hole so he can experience every inch of his uncut meat. But the young boy ends up pulling out and shots his golden load all over the teens butt cheeks. The two totally drained fall into each others arms and share a tender kiss.

Filmed entirely in Russia this is not your typical gay video. Except for the following Peter having his way with every boy in sight. These boys are cute Russian Boys off the street and ready for action. No long drawn out scenes, these boys are all nude and ready to dive into their partner with the word action. The scenes get hot and heavy and raw, and right to the point. Never mind that at times you can see the shadows of the camera of a glimpse of lights set up. This is a nothing held back Suck and Fuck A Thon. So if you enjoy your boys, young, cute, just off the street, uncut and hung, from one on one, to three way and orgy, including oral and anal and sixty nine scenes. This video will satisfy your needs and them some with over 18 young fresh boys and two hours of non-stop boy on boy gay action.

Max Pepper, Tellinocs, Vasiliy Kentov, Yepheny Phalenkov, Igor Makalov, Danila, Antrey, Timoti, Edward 
Cream of the Crop
Run Time:
90 minutes
Release Date:

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