Raw Recruits DVDR (NC)

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The breakout star of Raw Recruits is Jay Renfro, the hot blond coverboy with amazing dick-sucking lips and an ass that you could store a bazooka in (see below for the nasty details). Director, Vlado Iresch, wisely casts Renfro in two of his five scenes, which feature the bareback romps of some awfully hot soldiers who have been recruited away to somewhere in the Czech Republic.

It's been a long time since I've seen Europorn as nasty and aggressive as some of the American gonzo stuff, and it was worth the wait. Iresch cast diverse guys in their early 20s who are really, really into each other. Top this off with several boys who appear to have just turned eighteen (beautiful Ted Clark and mop-haired Paul Rover). There's one older, attractive guy (Chris Cloony), hot facial cumshots, and one good self-sucker. It's a scorcher that should appeal to most, if not all, porn fans.

The best example of the kind of rough sex I'm talking about takes place when tall, skinny, mega-hung Sanchez Viva (who appears half-black and half-Latin), invites Renfro to his room for a little R&R. Before you can say "don't ask, don't tell," Viva's lethal weapon is halfway down Renfro's eager throat, who gags and drools with delight. Sanchez skull-fucks Renfro, whose own rock-hard cock shows the fun he's having. Viva pulls out every so often to cockslap Renfro's face. He finally he turns Renfro over to find his puckered pink hole. Renfro gasps and moans, twisting away from what he knows it coming, but Viva's not stopping now! Once his bazooka's in, the two go at it like animals. Finally, with Viva thrusting all the way into him missionary-style, Renfro blasts his ripped abs and chest with a huge load, and Viva's follows quickly, coating Renfro's face and pretty lips with cum.

And this is just one scene. Is it enough to wet your whistle? It ought to be. With four more scenes and ten more guys to go, you can't go wrong with this one. The well-filmed DVD might as well have nothing in the extras department, but the film itself is well worth your time. If this is the kind of work that Raw Studios is going to keep putting out, I'll be first in line to snap them it up!

Dion Philips, Jay Renfro, Paul Rover, Chris Cloony, Mateo Saray, Samuel Dolce, Denis Taylor, Chanchez Viva, Rico Suro, Kristian Hoods, Robbie Masters, Ted Clark. 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
105 minutes