Raw Rescue DVD (NC)

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Raw Films continues to burn up the screen with their latest release, “Raw Rescue,” the story of the on- and off-duty shenanigans of a set of very horny ski patrolmen working their trade somewhere in an icy part of central Europe.

There are five scenes of amazingly erotic sex, four of which are threesomes and the last of which is a beautifully-shot romantic scene between two of the hunkiest guys in the film. Space does not permit my enthusing about all twelve of these guys, but suffice it to say that those who like action between beefier guys (the patrolmen) and thin-but-hung twinks (the ones who get rescued) will be in heaven here, as every one of the twelve falls squarely into either category. Of course, don’t let these body types fool you: director Vlado Iresch likes to turn the tables on who we think will be top and bottom, and there are several very hot scenes in which the rescued boy helps himself to his rescuers’ asses.

No matter who’s on top, though, even more arousing is the sight of all of these condom-free cocks sliding with such ease into waiting orifices of every variety. Clearly these boys love what they’re doing, which is a refreshing change from some European features in which the guys are clearly into the money provided by having sex on camera, and not the sex itself. No such problems here, with everyone sprouting seemingly inexhaustible erections and multiple cumshots, some of which are very messy indeed.

As in those other features, the camera work is superb (especially in the last romantic scene), and the sound, while occasionally overwhelmed by the music, is still clear. Thus “Raw Rescue” takes its place as the fourth of an already excellent set of films from Raw. Finish up your collection now by getting this one!

Cameron Jackson, Ronny Silver, Santos Ribisi, Alex Willis, Tom Nowy, Rocky Sommers, Thomas Pitt, Kevin Adams, Steve Rives, Paul Rover, Ross Costanzo, Garry Prince 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
105 minutes