Factory Fuckfest DVDR (NC)

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"Factory Fuckfest" takes steamy action to a whole new level. This film is downright dripping hot! It's part of a marvelous new trend in adult entertainment: an extra-long running time to complement the extra-long dicks. Here we have 160 minutes of adorable young studs with personalities as stunning as their perfect cocks and gorgeous physiques. We get to see the guys work and play together (sort of "reality t.v." style, only with higher production values). Their playful pre-sex goofing around and male bonding is just about as hot as their fucking. For example, we join two guys at a swimming pool (before they take a walk in the woods to make out), and their wet roughhousing is wildly erotic. Then, when those shorts come off, the guys turn into true sex maniacs and nonstop fuck machines. It's more than a pleasure to see such enthusiastic young men celebrating their masculinity together. It's as much of an honor as it is a thrill.

Here are the primary stats to consider: 10 stunning boys with hard bodies and big cocks to match, 6 raunchy hardcore scenes featuring cum guzzling, and sun-drenched outdoor sex. It's a recipe that works so well, the filmmakers just kept on and on for 160 minutes! Their lack of restraint is the viewer's bonanza.

Add beautiful outdoor settings to handsome guys having passionate sex, and it's almost too good to be true. (Go ahead and pinch your tits -- you aren't dreaming!) Explosive cumshots just look so incredible in natural light. Especially when the sperm shooters have such fine uncut cocks and such endearing smiles.

Snowballing afterwards? You bet! These guys relish each other's mancream and then savor the flavor as they deep kiss afterwards. (There's even threeway snowballing.) Before those sticky eruptions we're treated to sexual harassment in the workplace, hard butt fucking, face fucking, deep throating, mutual jacking, bulge play, deep kissing, teabagging, rimming, and locker room threeways. In addition to facial and oral cumshots, you'll see guys spray their milk on each other's cocks, asses, chests, and backs.

I wish the guys were sporting more natural body hair, but lovers of clipped (and occasionally shaved) pubes will be delighted.

All in all, "Factory Fuckfest" is true winner. Even at 160 minutes, you'll likely wish it could go on and on.

Eugen Procci, Nikolas Markov, Andrej Rovensky, Devon Donis, Joe Donovan, Andrew Shut, Samuel Hoffman, Leo Cooper, George Plozen 
Robert Boggs
Czech Republic
Run Time:
161 minutes