My Dirtiest Fantasy
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Starting with what would appear an alien walking in on a smoky room, we find a futuristic twink wearing a gas mask and covered in PVC clothing, needless to say that if a twink walks in a warehouse like this, he will not be welcomed warmly, as is the case, he's tied down to a chair for further exploration by Rodion. His hand is quick to go to the groin area, where after a lot of rubbing, he's semi hard, and Rodion likes what he's seeing, so much so, that after he gets the boy hard he sucks his cock, and eventually makes the boy suck him off too! but the game isn't over yet! Rodion decides to oil up this twink, and play in some of the boys erogenous areas, with special focus on his dick, which he doesn't hesitate in giving an extra rub and even suck! Now with his legs secured in the air with the help of some tyres, Rodion pulls out some toys to enjoy a bit further his ass, to the point of using a horse sized dildo to open up his hole whilst being jerked off. Needless to say the humiliation is far from over as Rodion soon hops onto the table to give the boy a piss shower when he's done.

The second scene starts with Tannor gagged and wearing a mask, pushed into Pierre's domain, made to be on the bench with his ass on display for Pierre to whip, and have easy access. Pierre knows just where he wants this to go, and after removing his rubber shirt, he has the boy worship his cock, until Pierre whips it out and has the boy sucking him off. It's not long now before Pierre is enjoying the boys sweet hole. With Tannor now on the cage, and the french master wearing his rubber underwear, it's time to give some pleasure to Tannor, starting off with some oil to give the boys body a shine, before moving on to a cock massage that then goes into some sucking before Pierre gives the boy a couple of spanks before having the boy suck himself off! Yes, you heard right, the boy sucks himself off!

Tannor Reed, Pierre Rubberax, Peter Polloc, Rodion Taxa 
Timmy Treasure
My Dirtiest Fantasy
Run Time:
79 minutes
Release Date: