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Poor Alex Stevens! Why, he’s barely managed to get into the shower and close the doors behind him, when someone’s banging from outside demanding that he gets out so that they can have a wash. The young chap’s resourcefulness was always one of his most impressive features, however; and, realising that the cubicle is big enough for them both, he promptly invites Rick Nielson to join him inside. It’s possibly only at this point that you begin to realise how tall and how physically imposing Nielson is – but needless to report that doesn’t faze Stevens in the slightest. Indeed, everyone knows what they say about tall men and the equipment they pack in their pants – a fact that the sluttiest twink in the Czech Republic takes to heart, as he promptly falls to his knees and begins to worship his horned-up buddy’s very generous package. It’s a move that Nielson certainly seems to appreciate, that’s for fucking sure; whilst the heady taste of hard cock in his mouth merely seems to inspire Stevens to yet further depravity. Moments on and the young cock-slut is quite literally sitting on Nielson’s lap and eagerly riding the full length of his pal’s oversized schlong – which (unsurprisingly) soon results in Stevens unleashing a very energetic wad of spunk in all directions. That sets the scene up very nicely for what is arguably the literal climax of the entire scene; with Nielson bearing down on his buddy and yanking out a terrific load of top-notch baby-batter all over Stevens’s face, leaving the young whore dripping with goo and looking every inch like the horny cat who got the cream!
Rick Nielson, Alex Stevens 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Sk8 M8s Scenes
Run Time:
10 minutes
Release Date: