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It’s always fun being with your friends, but these uber-cute twinks take their bromance one step further. Weather painting the house, hanging out in the garden or slouching around the house, testosterone is raging and cocks are straining to be freed so that they can slide down a willing throat and be squeezed tightly in a chocolate tunnel. Adorable asses crave insertion and these stud-pups are more than willing to open up for a pal. Watch them lick each other’s from head to toe before their thirst for thrust gets the better of them and balls pound against butts as they slide deeply into a tight ass. Over 100 minutes of bare and raw action from twelve young flesh feeders!
Mickey Marlow, Mario Kizek, Leo Cooper, Egy Carter, Micky Shut, Robin Few, Chris Blond, Paul, Larry Notter, Kay Kwanah, Kevin Ateah, Peter Uhlmann 
Czech Republic
Bareback Boy Bangers
Run Time:
101 minutes
Release Date:

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