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Helplessly Exposed DOWNLOAD

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SKU 02756M
Its easy to imagine that cute little twinks are as innocent as new-born lambs, but dont you ever believe it. In fact, if this uber-horny collection of mega-time whores are anything to go by then theyre possibly even sluttier than their older counterparts. Blame the deluge of porn theyve been watching, but these doe-eyed lads like it rough and they like it hard; and if anything the sunshine only seems to make their appetite for cock in their ass even greater. From anonymous sex to being bound up in bondage with your nipples clamped, this bevy of beauts arent happy until theyve been abused to the point of humiliation; with a hot creamy wad every time to underline their sweet contentment!
Timmy Treasure
Release Date
May 22, 2020
Run Time
85 Minutes