Hooligans DVD

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Hooligans is a Triga Films Classic. Filmed on a run down working class British council estate , this film introduces plenty of rough hard Scallies for you to enjoy. Wearing sportswear and lots of Bling these lads featured are always happy getting pissed or talking a load of bollocks . Just why we like them. Lookin at straight porn an smoking away there are blow jobs aplenty as lads from Southampton , Manchester , Plymouth an other British cities scramble to lick someones shit-hole or better still fuck them up the arse . Watch the Scouser give good head while the sexy Mancunian shows off to the camera giving plenty of attitude along the way. Get a mouthful of the fit skinhead with his sweaty bollocks while the fit northern cocksucker shows off his footballers legs and tasty arsehole. What the birds are missing eh whilst their fellas are round at their mates who gives a fuck for its time for the boys to have a share of a hairy arse or a bit of each others scally cock, gettin tongues down each others throats and cumin in each others face . So if you like spunk stained boxers and a nice sweaty cock Hooligans is most definately the film for you..
Great Britain
Run Time:
90 min minutes

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