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Jonny Ransom has produced quite the bareback extravaganza of cum. Sage Daniels is the only guy to appear in two scenes of this movie, and that's something for which we should be thankful - this man is a totally insatiable sex pig. Only one out of the five scenes here disappoints, so it is certainly worthwhile.

Dan Fisk opens the scene with enthusiastic ass eating to get Joey Russo's ass well lubed and then rubs his thick dick up and down Russo's crack. Once Fisk works it way deep inside, Russo's eyes nearly pop out of his head. The excellent close-up shots of the penetration nicely show Fisk's pierced taint. Fisk shoots his load with his head half in and half out of Russo's ass, producing a great stream of jizz across Russo's crack. But this
is just the start, as Fisk fucks Russo again, this time with greater gusto and a second great gusher of cum.

Next up, Latin Gianni Luca gets fucked by
blond C.J. Banks, but they start things off with long, passionate kissing. Banks has a big, beefy, nicely veined cock and a big ball sack that Luca
loves fondling. Banks' cock spends quite a while knocking at Luca's back door, and it takes a while for Luca to finally open his tight hole wide enough
to slide down the shaft. But once Banks is inside, the two really go to town. Banks has mad fuck skills that drive Luca to sheer ecstasy.

The Chris
Leaper/Joe Mason scene is the one snooze of this movie. The two are nearly silent throughout their action, and the climax is, well, anti-

Some hot interracial action between Sage Daniels and Ben Singleton gets things heated up again. Both have big dicks and enthusiastically
eat ass. The cameraman capitalizes on the contrast of Sage's big white dick plunging into Ben's black ass to film great action. The wonderful sounds of
sexÑthe slapping sounds of skin on skin, the squishy noise of a hard shaft pistoning a lubed-up holeÑgive a great soundtrack to the scene. After Sage
shoots his huge white load on Ben's black ass, Ben wiggles his ass right back onto Sage's slicked up rod.

All of this mere warm up for the final
scene. Sage Daniels is back for more action, this time with Jake Wetmore and Timm Zane. This is one of the most amazing threesomes ever captured on film
with each guy taking multiple turns as top and bottom. These men move their dicks from hole to hole so quickly you may want to keep your rewind button
handy to help you keep track of who is where. Chain fucking, rimming, licking of cocks as they plunge in and out of assholes, are all carried out with
stark raving enthusiasm. But the double penetration section is absolutely masterful. They keep it going for a long time, and work some cum eating into
the mix as well. Just when you think things are done, Sage still has more cum left and keeps the action going for a full 36 minutes of depravity.

you're into bareback action, this movie is a must-see. It's produced well, features handsome men, and most importantly, demonstrates raw, passionate

Jonny Ransom
United States
Ransom Video
Run Time:
111 minutes