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Instead of doing his homework cover-boy Caleb Moreton whips out a porn mag along with his massive cock to wank. It’s fucking huge! As he begins stroking the big schlong in walks a cute Nick Cox is more then eager to give him a helping hand! Actually it’s going to take two hands for that member! A nice round of sucking and 69-ing ensues until Nick decides to take that monster cock for a ride! They continue missionary until both are spewing their hot, sticky loads!

Two young horny pups, Sam Brooks and Carl Baxter, finish their shift at work so they can attend to each other! The two begin making out before Carl whips out his oversized cock which brings Sam to his knees! Surprisingly he takes every inch down his throat as he slobbers all over the huge piece of boy flesh! Not only can Sam take every inch down his throat but does a nice job in the rear too as Carl pounds away on his tight little
ass! After a deep ass ramming Carl pulls out quickly and shoots a big load all over Sam’s face. Sam licks the gooey cock clean before giving Carl a facial in return!

Home alone, Robin Snoyer is enjoying some porn and a quick wank when in walks his uncle Luis BigDog. Luis confronts him then wants to see his cock. He goes down on his nephew and vice versa. Luis is the one with the big dick here and Robin deep throats him getting him hard as a rock! The two continue by 69-ing then Luis begins to play with Robin’s tight boy hole with his tongue. Robin’s a real trooper as he takes the big cock for a ride and Luis really pounds the tight ass! Great penetration shots abound as the two fuck like crazy! It ends with Luis delivering a huge load to Robin’s face and mouth! As Robin sucks the spent cock he jacks off and leaves his belly nice and wet!

The adorable Jack Blue wakes up the next morning
and heads for the shower leaving his boyfriend, Jon Bruno alone in bed with a major case of morning wood! Jack admires the thick piece of flesh and begins playing with it, which leads to his lips tightly wrapped around it! It’s not the best blowjob but Jon makes up for it as he slobbers all over Jack and gets him nice and hard! Jon’s big, curved member is highlighted nicely when Jack lies underneath his and licks and nuzzles his nut sack! It’s hot! Surprisingly it’s Jack that does the topping here and he does a magnificent job at it as Jon moans with delight!

Blond photographer Ashton Gates is in the middle of a photoshoot when his eyes are drawn to his model, Ricky Finist’s, huge bulge beneath his briefs. Well, the camera goes down and so
do the briefs! Another fucking awesome cock to behold! It gets put to good use too when Ricky splits Ashton’s ass apart and delivers one helluva fuck!

Enjoying a beer, Lukas Leung and Caleb Moreton, making another appearance, have better things on their mind then a pint! The two slender lads begin kissing and groping one another until Lukas heads below the belt to chow down on Caleb’s massive uncut tool! More great barebacking sex with Caleb topping Lukas! As the two fuck missionary style Lukas jerks off a nice load while Caleb pounds away, pulls out to shoot a huge fucking load then crams his cock inside some more! I thought I was going to explode myself!

The finale finds platinum blond Seb Priestly and Tonny Ross eagerly making out in a kitchen with their dicks hanging out. As Seb begins to suck Tonny in walks Luis BigDog who offers up his cock to be sucked as well. Seb does a nice job bouncing back and forth between the two delicious shafts before him! It turns into an all out suck fest before Seb sits on top of Luis while Luis continues to service Tonny. As the three are going at it in walks Jon Bruno and before you know it Tonny is on his knees devouring Jon. It’s an incredible foursome that has to be seen! It ends with Tonny on his knees taking everyone’s spunk! So fucking hot!

Sam Brooks, Carl Baxter, Jack Blue, Jon Bruno, Luis Bigdog, Robin Snoyer, Aston Gates, Ricky Finist, Seb Priestley, Tonny Ross, Nick Cox, Caleb Moreton, Lukas Leung 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Bareback Monster Cocks
Run Time:
150 minutes