Hungover DVD

Black Breeders
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One of the only things better than being by your buddy's side for his wedding is hanging out with him and the crew for the bachelor party...especially when it turns out (and up) like THE HUNGOVER! Champ has been dedicated to coaching for a while but has finally decided to commit to his personal life and tie the knot. He picked some of his prime players for his groomsmen and they want to give him a special night before the special day. Well, things get out of hand and what they give up is dick, ass and plenty of nut! The strippers are running late, so while the guys wait they decide to play a drinking game. After a couple of shots, they take matters in their own hands by taking their clothes off their bodies! Once dicks start swinging and asses start shaking it's a serious sex session. And if we need to tell you what happens when five Breed Bruthas get butt ass naked then you at the wrong site!
Jai Sean, Jorden Riley, Magic Wood, Rude Rasta 
United States
Black Breeders
Run Time:
120 minutes
Release Date: