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In The Open DVDR (NC)

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You may think that is a little difficult at first, only because this video is from France the dialogue in French, but trust me after watching this video you may want to change your vacation plans and head for France. And after all isn't the sound of sex a universal language.

The opening scene is brief, we drop in one of the good looking French twinks while he is sleeping, but is soon wakened and he gives up a brief description of what this video is about. Well try 16 young, fresh, uncut French men because that is what you are going to get and the setting is the forest in France and we get to watch the guys do what comes naturally. But before heading off to the forest our young good looking hot moderator has his partner between his legs and his head in his lap as he beings working on his uncut shaft all the while his partner has his mouth poised ready to take his lovers load, and it's doesn't take long and our young twink cums all over his partners face and mouth.

Well meanwhile out in the country side of France one of the dark haired French men is just out for a nature hike and what should he come across but another country man sun bathing in the nude. He cautiously approaches the young man who is nude and lying on his belly, he debates if he should take the risk. Well of course he should and does he gently spreads the young boy's hair less ass apart which wakens him but our nature boy just relaxes and lets nature takes its course. The two end up exchanging romantic kisses, but soon the nudist is sucking on the young hikers hard uncut cock and finger probing his butt. But the boy who is out for a nice nature walk is soon exploring the young boy's hole fucking him with everything he's got. Well our Mother Nature son's twink is ready to unload his uncut cock and does so while sucking on his new found buddies rock hard uncut cock. He finally looses his load all over the ground, but the hiker has the best of what he wants as he unloads his man milk in the sun bathers mouth in sheer delight to both boy's..

In an old run down building a cute blonde twink happens upon a dark haired boy, and of course the young blonde knows what he wants and approaches him and they begin some slow soft romantic kissing all the while their hands explore each others bodies and manhood. The sound of thunder is heard over head, but the real thunder is coming from the boy's. They slowly remove each other's clothes and the young blonde soon has his buddy's long, thick uncut cock in his mouth sucking him. While the young blonde strokes his huge uncut cock into a raging hardon the blonde bomb shell wastes no time and begins plowing his strangers butthole. With the rain falling on the young blonde he has the stranger on a windowsill fucking him. (these two never do loose their hardon) The young blonde works his hole as and at the same time he is also jacking off his buddy until he shoots a large load all over his belly. Not being able to hold back any longer the young twink pulls his cock out of the hole he's been fucking and deposits a huge load of cum on his found friend's already cum soaked belly.

In another part of the forest a dark haired cutie is exhausted from putting up a tent and put out the sleeping bag just to relax, yeah right, laying in nothing but his underwear he hears a noise and gets up and notices a good looking brunette watching him and fondling his own cock. The two stay their distance but begin jacking off while watching each other. It does not take long and the brunette is shooting his load all over the ground.

Back at the campground our young French man who is no exhausted from setting up the rest of the camp and his encounter with the brunette is resting when two men come racing into his camp. One is in trouble it appears, but he has taken something that does belong to him. So our young camper tackles him and holds him until the other arrives. But these two have their own form of justice and soon the young camper is poised on his chest and the other blonde is forcing the bandits mouth on top the campers hard, hot cock. He tries to resist but the young camper gets what he wants and face fucks the young offender with his huge uncut cock. But he decides he wants more and rips off the young criminal's pants and is soon giving him his version of Crime and Punishment playing with his butthole. soon he realizes he can't win and is not getting his butt plowed by the young camper while being face fucked by the blonde (and who says crime doesn't pay). The two switch off and share the boy's butthole fucking not only his ass, but mouth at the same time. Soon our camper man explodes a massive load all over the troubled boy's chest, which is soon followed by the blonde who pulls out of the boy's ass hole and deposits his load all over his already drenched chest.

Two boy's are out having a chat at a picnic bench. (And may I mention that both are absolutely adorable looking boy's) visiting or so it appears. One is a brunette the other is a dark haired cutie. The two feed each other grapes , but they know that is not what they really want to be eating, and soon their appetite is met. After some romantic kissing between the two and body exploring the two are in the sixty-nine position sucking and enjoying each other's huge uncut cocks. In no hurry these boy's take their time and not only enjoy each themselves but each other as well. But the young brunette soon is jacking off his partners cock which he finally unloads. But not to out done the young brunette returns the favor but lets his buddy shoot his hot load right in his mouth. (now how is that for picnic food) and for good measure takes his cock back into his mouth and clean his cum filled cock clean.

Well our boy that had set up camp just spotted another absolutely gorgeous dark haired boy. Well the young boy is already turned on and takes off his clothes. no need for a offer here our campers fall right into his arms and begin kissing him and of course the young boy has already has a rock hard cock, As he remove his underwear to expose his uncut cock. So hot and horny the young boy in no time has his buddies cock out and shoved down his throat. But this camper can't resist and works the young boy's cock over as if it were virgin meat he was tasting. After a good suck session by both the young boy lays down and is soon mounted on his friends hot hole and fucks himself rocking back and forth, which he does in time turn him around and fuck him doggie style. After a great fuck session our camper boy jack off on the face of the young boy leaving a hefty load of French cum all over his face.

Back at the old run down house one twink takes the time out and is naked working his meat, when an brunette spots him and pauses to admire his work. All this twink can do is lean back and admire how much attention the young boy is paying to his cock pumping it harder and harder until finally he shots a mammoth load of cum all over the hay, satisfied the pretty boy departs with a smile on his face.

Man our caper is one lucky guy, another guy and another huge uncut cock to deal with again. The two exchange blow jobs back and forth unaware their being watched by a brunette stud who begins to fondle himself until he finally moves in on the two and it is soon a suck-a-thon by all three taking their turns. After a period of time our camper is being sucked and fucked at the same time (I like to call a manwhich) after a long hot fuck and suck session where each guy gets his turn. It is time to unload, first our voyeur is first and jacks off his load right into our campers well work mouth and face giving him some hot good cum deposited right in his mouth. Nature boy jacks off his meat and unloads a huge pile of thick white cum all over himself.

Our last scene is back at the tent, and again this is one lucky fella. He has found one beautiful brunette. They waste no time and as all French men do are passionately kissing. But soon the adorable boy is sucking on his new friends cock and of course nature boy isn't going to let this huge uncut cock go to waste and sucks on him before he lowers his butthole on the twinks cock and fucks himself. But the two end up in a sixty-nine, and by the looks of it they just can't get enough. Finally nature boy's hand jacks the young twink out of his mind, well his cum also and works the young boy into a frenzy until he gets him to shot his load all over himself. Well by now our nature boy is so exhausted and jacks off all over the young twinks chest leaving him drenched in cum.

Who cares that this is not in English, guess what the sound of sucking cock or the moans and groans of another guy while he is being fucked can be understood in any language. After all there are 16 adorable French men who are all uncut, and all hung. It is all shot out doors and the only sounds you hear are that of nature, A little music here and there. You could have this video on mute and still love it. And it's so refreshing to see new talent even if it from another country, these guys are beautiful and so is this video.

This DVD will be delivered without plastic case. You will receive the disc and the inlay artwork.
Martial Amaury
Release Date
Aug 3, 2020
Run Time
88 Minutes