Introducing 2 DVD

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The expression, "it's never as good as the first time" holds some truth to it. Our super popular series "Introducing" is all about your favorite boy's first times on film and getting to know them inside and out before that fabulous first on camera fuck. Each new, young hottie is paired with a sexy porn pro who asks all the right, raunchy questions you want to know, making the newbies feel at home and horny, while getting them to open up in more ways than one! This cock filled collection of first timers and their tight young asses is chuck full of your favorites who have gone on to become stars, such as Joey Mills! See him here in his firstscene with giant jocked Evan Parker and understand how he got the nickname "jailbait Joey"! Every scene is a fine ass guy's first time fuck flick. You can sense their excitement, anticipation and hot young hormones raging in their lust filled eyes right down to their throbbing cocks! We've covered all the bases in this boner buster with beefcakes like Josh Brady to beautiful blond twinks like Wes Campbell and many more! Walk down the sticky streets of a mammoth member filled memory lane as these boys get their porn cherries popped for the very first time!
Evan Parker, Joey Mills, Tyler Hill, Calvin Banks, Wes Campbell, Robin Moore, Christian Bay, Cooper Steel, Josh Brady 
Keith Miller
United States
Run Time:
126 minutes
Release Date:

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