L.U.S.T. vol. 1 DVD (S)

Treasure Island
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Deep in the dusty raiders of the lost ark TIM treasure chest video vault we found several hard drives that had a ton of unreleased footage on them. You won’t believe what was unearthed and then you might wonder why they were never released – until now – newly edited and remastered!!

Featuring many of our All-Star Hall-of-Fame exclusives: Dawson, Derek Anthony, Christian, Dan Fisk, Brad McGuire, James Roscoe, and Jerry Stearns; and some TIM favorites over the years: Ben Archer, Jonas, Tom McCarthy, Jacob Scott, Matt Walker and many many more.

LOST UNRELEASED SEX TAPES L.U.S.T. VOLUME 1 is a lost moment in sexual time and TIM history. Each scene is a gem. Many of these guys stopped doing porn, some moved away, and some we still work with today.
Derek Anthony, Ben Archer, Johnny Boheme, Christian, Dawson, Dan Fisk, Kory Hudson, Drake Jackson, Jonas, Tom McCarthy, Brad McGuire, Rick Miles, James Roscoe, Andrew Saks, Joe Sarge, Scott, Jacob Scott, Seth Scott, Jerry Stearns, Eliott Tyler, Matt Walker 
Max Sohl
United States
Treasure Island
Run Time:
129 minutes
Release Date: