Macho Mayhem Box 20 DVD

Macho Mayhem
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You don’t have to be a expert to realise that the guys in this filthy offering as the kind that it’s very difficult to say no to, especially when they get their gorgeous cocks out and start using those handsome tools to full effect. Believe us, if you like your guys to be macho in every imaginable sense, then these hardcore buddies are gonna have you pretty much creaming in next to no time; and with over 3½ hours of action on two discs, we’ve a sneaking suspicion that you’re balls are gonna get a very serious draining. Sucking, rimming, fucking – these dudes really don’t hold back for second. And neither with you, as a literal tidal wave of pent-up baby-blatter gets blasted in all directions, only to be lapped up by these willing sluts!
Alan Knight, Jamie Dean, John Connery, Rocky, Michel Rudin, Luke Tyler, Paddy OBrian, Paul Walker, Anthony Clarke, Jonny Kingdom, Nathan Hope, Jason Torres, Robin Fanteria, Harley Everett, Diesel Green, Giorgio Arsenale, JP Richards, Mark Summers, Stefan Colby, Lucas Sartori, Lukus Chem 
United Kingdom
Macho Mayhem
Run Time:
210 minutes
Release Date: