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Dark Alley
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Judging from this debut release, “Mutiny: Shipmates Revenge,”Dark Alley Media is a new studio to watch. First time at bat they’ve made a movie with more imagination and production values than most other studios ever achieve, including excellent sets and costuming. Plus, their intense, kinky sex scenes take you where the safer, and perhaps squeamish companies don’t dare to go. Beginning with a searing hot interracial scene, to threesomes, dildos, riming, flogging, water sports and fisting, there’s hardly a fetish that isn’t explored here, and with gusto, by a hot cast of handsome, hard bodied, able seamen.

The action commences in the rusty old bowls of a real, deteriorating merchant ship, a setting suitably decadent for these sailors’ freaky antics. The real ship, artfully lit to be revealing yet realistic, gives a gritty atmosphere to the movie so real you can almost smell it. Production values like this are what turn the hot sex action into great sex scenes.

Although there’s plenty of hard assfucking on deck, it seems the crew is tired of having their lives made miserable by a sadistic Captain, Matthew Green. In the climax, he is drugged and gang raped in a hedonistic orgy of lust and pain. The opening interracial fuck featuring red-head Tim Rusty and ebony skinned Jamal, is a real scorcher, featuring two hot dudes, both hung, hard and hungry for each other’s hot flesh. Their scene on a catwalk is torrid and gripping, in several positions with a voluminous cum shot. The remaining scenes become progressively kinkier.

Highlights include the flogging of scene between Captain Green and newcomer Ian Alexander, Matthew hanging nude from his ankles as Ian cracks the whip. First engineers Jake Corwin and Rick Gonzales talk to Owen Hawk (who also wrote the screenplay) about joining the mutiny, but before firm plans are made, each rugged, fineass motherfucker has a firm cock getting excellent service. Hawk gets it going dildo fucking himself while sucking on the steering wheel and ends it with a steamy golden shower and cum bath.

The Hardcore Directors Cut edition has a bonus fisting scene between luscious Latin Carlos Marquez, who shoves both his hands deep inside Green and Rusty side by side and at the same time.

In the finale, each of the sailors hoists his mast up the Captains hole, to convincingly realistic squeals of lustful pain and pleasure.

For you kinky guys out there, here is a must see movie from a very promising new company! Congratulations to director, Matthias von Fistenberg, and the Dark Alley Media organization.

Notice: Although it does not detract from the entire video, a scene has been censored by Dark Alley Media for what they term as "legal" reasons. The original full length version is only available directly from Dark Alley Media at a different price. The censored scenes usually involve fisting, extreme ass play or water sports.

Owen Hawk, Rick Gonzalez, Carlos Marquez, Tim Rusty, Jake Corwin, Jamal, Matthias von Fistenberg, Ian Alexander. 
Matthias Von Fistenberg
United States
Dark Alley
Run Time:
120 minutes